Bunions are the result of a deviance of the first toe into the others. Bunionettes or Tailor’s Bunions are a bending of the joint of the fifth toe outward in a similar fashion. Both bunions and bunionettes can be caused by many things, including ill-fitting shoes that press the foot too tightly causing this deviation of the joint against the increased pressure. Both types of bunions are slow forming over many years and can become painful over this period of time. For many people, bunions may never become painful or effect their everyday lives, making it one of most common benign conditions seen in the office. For those who develop pain, this is often either at the joint or pain in the other toes caused by the pressure of the big toe on them. There can be multiple options for treatment of the condition


Treatment Options

For many people conservative treatments can help alleviate pain at the site of the joint.

These may include:


·       Foot soaks to alleviate pain

·       Over the counter pain medication such as NSAIDs

·       Shoes with a “wide toe box” or brands specified as orthopedic that tend to have more space for the toes

·       Soft braces used to realign the joint

·       Pain relief creams such as CBD or creams specially compounded by a pharmacist


Surgical options


For patient for whom other options do not work, a simple surgical procedure known as a bunionectomy can provide correction of the condition and relief from pain. Ask your podiatrist more about this procedure during your visit to our office.


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